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Large live room with adjacent amp booths making it possible to record live with varying degrees of separation as required.

Analog /digital mixing performed with high end analog outboard and large plug in collections.



Joe's Garage is a recording studio located right in the heart of Old Market in central Bristol specialising in capturing exciting live performances. Covering everything from a live 'band in a room' sound to more Hi-Fi results and recording all styles of music from Jazz, Blues and Folk to Rock and Metal.


We have a nice big live room and adjacent amp booths to accomodate a full band tracking completely live.


The studio was set up and is run by engineer Joe Garcia. Joe has been touring as a live sound engineer around the world and recording music professionally for over 15 years.



The studio houses a great selection of equipment and is constantly being upgraded

Thermionic Culture Little Red Bustard

(valve summing mixer)

SSL UF8 DAW controller
Antelope Orion 32+ and Universal Audio Apollo convertors

2x UAD Octo Satellite boxes

Neve 1073 DPA (2 channel preamp)

Neve 33609 dual/stereo compressor

API 3124+ (4 channel preamp)

16 channels of Audient ASP preamps
Roland RE201 and SRE-555 Space Echos
Vesta Fire RV2 stereo spring reverb

Great British Spring

Loads of 500 preamps, EQs and comps by Rupert Neve, API, CAPI etc

Empirical Labs FATSO

2x EL8 Distressor

TK Audio BC501s (SSL style bus comp)
2x DBX 160

2x Universal Audio UA610 valve preamp

Universal Audio LA610MK2 valve channel strip

2x AML ezP1-A Pultec EQs

2x Klark Teknik KT2A valve comp/limiters

SPL Transient Designer
Mac Studio  running Logic Pro X 10.1
Plug ins from Slate, Sound Toys, Waves and UAD among many others


Neumann KH310a 3 way monitors

Auratone 5C monitors

Pure radio

Wide selection of mics including:

4x STC (Coles) ex BBC 4038 vintage ribbon mics

Neumann U87ai

Neumann KMS84i

3x Sennheiser MD421

4x Sennheiser MD441

Warm Wa251 valve mic

2x JZ V67

2x Earthworks SR30 (MP)
3x AKG C414ULS
2x Josephson C42s (MP)

Ear Trumpet Labs Edwina

2x Audio Technica AT4041
2x EV RE20

2x AKG D12E

Solomon LoFReQ sub kick 
Shure SM7b

3x Sennheiser e906s
4x Sennheiser e904s

6X Telefunken M80

Telefunken M82

DPA 4055
2x Audio Technica ATM450s

2x Audio Technica AT804

STC 4032
Shure Beta91a
Realistic PZMs
2x Beyer M88

Beyer M69
4x Beyer 201s
4x Shure SM57s
Beyer TGX-50

EV ND868

2x Bang & Olufsen BM3 (RCA ribbons fitted by Xaudia)
Bang & Olufsen BM5 (stereo XY ribbon) 

2x Bang & Olufsen MD8

3x Beyer M260  ribbons (refurbished by Xaudia)

Radial JDX48 and Palmer speaker DI/sims
Rupert Neve, Sansamp, Orchid, Radial, EMO and BSS DI’s

Guitar/bass amps (usually many others to close from)
1970’s Fender Twin Reverb ‘silverface’ 

1976 Marshall JMP combo

1970's Laney LC60 (modded)
1970’s Burman Pro501 combo
1970’s Burman Pre/Power 100w head
1969 Ampeg SVT & Aguilar GS412
1970’s Ampeg V4 & 4x12
1970’s Ampeg B25B & 2x15

1970's Orange OR120 & 4x12

Mesa Boogie 400+ & 1x15


P16M personal monitor mixers giving each musician control of their headphone mixes.

Beyerdynamic DT770 and DT150, Audio Technica ATH M50x, AKG K271 and K171 and Superlux 'Iso'  headphones  


Premier Genista drum kit

(22" kick, 12", 13", 16" toms)

Premier pre international vintage drum kit 

(20" kick, 10" and 14" toms with snare and bongos)

Ludwig Supraphonic, Gretsch COB, Yamaha 9000, World Max and Big Dog snares

Istanbul Traditional 14" hats and 20" Ride, 18" Mehmet crash and 18" Meinl crash cymbals


Loads and loads of FX pedals including pieces from Strymon, Bugbrand, Earthquaker Devices, Snarling Dogs, Proco, EHX, Catalinbread, Alesis, Boss, Vox, Jim Dunlop, DOD and Marshall among others

We also have some great contacts to hire in vintage amps, keys and drums when required.


Some recent clients include:
Roly Witherow
Rose Kemp and Maddy Prior
Ogives Big Band
Run Logan Run
Wilderness Hymnal
Sugar moon
Davey Woodward
Eddie Martin
Antoni Maiovvi
Warrior Pope
Vena Cava
The Blunders
The Plainviews



Old Market Street, Bristol, BS2 0EJ, UK Tel: 07761471809


Have some questions or ready to book a session? 

Call us on 07761471809

or fill out the contact form & we’ll get you rolling


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The studio is available with engineer for £200 per day


Please get in touch if you'd like to discuss your session in more detail.

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